Hard to believe it was six years ago today I made a decision to try something different. On that day, I wasn't really SURE what coaching could do for our family because I was pretty closed minded for several years prior. I assumed Beachbody was a pyramid scheme, that I'd have to be salesy, that I had to be perfectly fit and I'm embarrassed to admit, I thought I was "too good" for network marketing.

I thought it's what "losers" who couldn't get a REAL JOB, did. ðŸ¤¦ðŸ¼â€â™€ï¸

But, I had also been down the road of Corporate America ever since college, and although was successful, I didn't love that I had little autonomy with my time. I missed so many moments with my daughters when they were little because of pharmaceutical drug launches, Doctor dinners, out of town trainings, clinical study and mandatory webinars.

I'd also been down the road of a business owner. Neil and I started a car lot in 2010. That business gave us even less freedom and hardly ANY financial stability as we had to cover a huge monthly overhead before paying our own bills. #Stress

Having a Bachelor's degree I considered going back to school for two more years, to earn my Master's. But, in WHAT?! And the thought of accumulating more loan debt and time studying, with no real guarantee I'd actually better my career position or family income, wasn't appealing either. ðŸ˜ž

So with no real better solution, I left my ego at the door and figured "what the heck". If I could at least earn 40-50k a year, in commission "one day", it'd be worth it to have FREEDOM. (Even though that'd be 1/3 of my previous pharma income).

Freedom to me- meant having TIME flexibly and AUTONOMY over my life.

On July 4, 2011 I invested $160 to start my coaching business. That was after a YEAR and saying NO! to my friend four times, who wanted ME, on her team.

🤔 Six years is also the time many invest to achieve a Bachelor's and Master's degree. Ironically, we don't think TWICE about investing in school for six years, with no promise of a career, but a direct sales business, "No Freaking Way". ðŸš«

But unlike any career I've committed to, the one I once judged as "beneath me" has opened MORE DOORS than ANY OTHER CAREER.

In six years Beachbody coaching has allowed both Neil and I:

👉🏼 to be home with our children, all the time.
👉🏼 the opportunity to have met friends we would have never met otherwise.
👉🏼 to pay off our debts.
👉🏼 to have significance by helping clients live SO MUCH HEALTHIER through our products and coaches on our team EARN MORE INCOME for their family.
👉🏼 to support our children financially and in time- in THEIR dreams. 
👉🏼 to Afford to contribute to charities in both time and money.

And most of all, to IMPROVE our entire family quality of life together, because we experience TOGETHERNESS, day in and day out.

⌛️ TIME is something you can't backfill. Once it's gone, it's passed forever.

💡 Just like going back to school to get a degree, starting your own business, or starting yet- ANOTHER job all over again, building this kind of business takes, vision, time, grit and most of all SACRIFICE.

But if you are going to be 4-6 years along in life ANYWAY, and you long to have a career that offers you income based on your efforts, freedom to live on your terms, mobility to travel while earning, significance in your vision, and with minimal financial investment, tell me one good reason why you wouldn't consider coaching...🤔

I think back about the decision I made six years ago today. Like you, I was full of fear, but I had even more, HOPE. I already knew where all the OTHER paths led. Been there, got the T-Shirt. But this business gave me hope that IF I could make it, the lifestyle it'd provide would be.....WORTH IT.

If it were to all go away tomorrow, no one can ever take away the last six years of what we've experienced as a family, together. âŒ›ï¸

I am so grateful for network marketing because of the freedom and opportunity it has and the unlimited income it can provide. If you are like me right now, and want something more for yourself and your family, please have an open mind to this coaching business. It can truly be, life changing.

How ironic that six years ago on this day, the decision to build a network marketing business, and build a team, became OUR FAMILY'S, INDEPENDENCE DAY.

And to keep legal happy 😊: 
Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach
Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our
Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.