I did traditionally what most people my age (41) are raised to do. You grow up, go to college and find and stay in a safe career. That all SOUNDS great. And for a long time, it was for me. But as I neared my mid-thirties I LONGED for a better QUALITY of LIFE.

By that I don't mean FINANCIAL. I had that. I was earning six figures as a successful pharmaceutical sales rep. Had a posh new Saab and was at the top of my company's sales force selling an anti-inflamatory patch. I felt HORRIBLE and GUILTY that I secretly despised getting up every day to be a "number" to some large company. My job was robotic in every way. My days were ruled by the FDA, my pharma company and my boss. I was micro-mangaed constantly. I felt stuck, because the ONLY answer, is to move to yet another company. But that doesnt change your quality of life. It just changes the rules you live by. I felt STUCK. Wearing the corporate america "golden handcuffs" as its called. Great money, amazing perks and very few lateral options out....yeah, they totally HAD my spirit pinned. 

After having an emotional breakdown on early morning in 2009 I KNEW this life, as blessed as it appeared on the OUTSIDE was toxic to my spirit on the INSIDE. I walked away. Unemployed, pregnant and with no "plan b". I spent the next two years doing odd jobs, charging up my credot cards and living off my 401k. Some people called me foolish. But I knew deep down that I could not live ONE MORE DAY feeling like I'd sold my soul. I had to BREAK FREE.

In July 2011 I found Beachbody. I became a coach, really because I wanted to share my passion for Shakeology and maybe earn some extra money to pay some bills. I had no idea then, that finding Beachbody would become the VERY REASON I was supposed to walk away from my corporate prison two years earlier. Had it not been for that dark time in my life, that feeling of being TRAPPED, wanting to taste FREEDOM so badly, I would not have had the DRIVE to walk away.

I believe everything in life happens for a reason. Beachbody is provides me the FREEDOM Ive always longed for. I didn't know that this kind of business existed. Integrity, opportunity, freedom all wrapped up in a "health and fitness" package. 

After 2 1/2 years I  not only doubled my previous corporate salary, I've done it ON MY TERMS. I work from home, I better people's lives through health and fitness, and I show others how to do the same. Ive paid off all my credit cards and am building my rebuilding my retirement. I get to pick my three children up from school everyday. I get to design everyday exactly as I wish. This is not something I created overnight. Its something that Ive slowly built. But here is the thing, if you feel remotely the SAME way I did, you don't have to take a crazy LEAP like I did. You can build your freedom on the side and eventually phase out that day job. Even if it takes you 5 years, you are going to be five years along in life... ANYWAY. Why not have this there for YOU?

In 2009, I would not have believed that THIS kind of quality of life actually existed. Because, like you, I am from the generation that teaches you stay in your corporate job. But I am living proof that there is LIFE after you break those corporate handcuffs.

You just have to WANT freedom MORE than you want to feel TRAPPED.

I am accepting applications for my apprentice program.  I'd LOVE to answer all the questions I would have had back then, for you NOW. If you dont ask, you will never KNOW what real FREEDOM can feel like....