Do you feel like NO MATTER WHAT you do: count calories, control portions, eliminate alcohol, and do extreme fitness that your body won't let go of weight.  

Actually, your weight continues to GAIN despite your consistency and you develop unexplained stomach bloat?!  

Oh- And every test you take comes back, NORMAL?

This has been me for nearly TWO LONG YEARS.  I went from 125 pounds to 161.   I felt EXHAUSTED and HOPELESS that nothing I was ever going to do would make a difference.

Last Fall I had TWO different women approach me asking how many more weeks until I was DUE?!  I was mortified.  My stomach- although muscular from all the exercise, protruded roundly beyond my breasts AS IF I were 7-8 months pregnant.

In those two years I tried:

- Portion Fix: and then I plateaued and then began gaining.

- A 3 Day Detox: I gained weight. :-/

-Atkins and Paleo, Dairy and Gluten Free.  I gained weight.

-An Autoimmune Protocol paired with the Ultimate Reset.  Even though my thyroid was normal, I did an anti-inflammatory- gut repairing diet.  THAT actually got rid of a lot of my symptoms, but not the bloat.  I stayed Vegan, for a while.

- A heavy metal detox.

- I did an intensive hour long exercise program most days.  My weight didn't change.

- An EBV and general Viral detox.

-A Parasite cleanse.

- Essential Oils.

- I had every test done imaginable.  I read Sagi Kalev's book, "7 Reasons You Aren't Getting the Results SHE Is".  I had every marker he suggested, tested.  All Came Back Normal. 

- Weekly Chiropractic adjustments and massage.

- Food Sensitivity Testing. Then I eliminated foods like sweet potato, garlic and eggs that were apparently causing inflammation.

- I had four ultrasounds, a cat scan both with and without contrast, a GI doc that couldn't figure out why I was so swollen, a functional medicine doctor that said I may have Lyme Disease, although I had no markers, and a huge ER bill from one night the bloating was so bad I couldn't breathe. 

This past Christmas I hid from social pictures because I felt like the pregnant looking fatty that was supposed to teach others about health, but couldn't even help myself.  I wondered at this rate and with everything I ruled out and still no solutions, would I be another 20 pounds heavier by NEXT Christmas.  

I literally started to think I was CRAZY.  

Was this my fate?  How was I to help anyone if I couldn't even figure out what was wrong with............ ME?

Then Learned Helplessness set in.  I went through periods of thinking WHY BOTHER?  If NOTHING I do makes a difference, why be miserable and even bother to keep trying.  But the only place that mindset got me was feeling powerless, weak and ultimately, even heavier.  So I couldn't stay there.  I had to find new things to try, I was determined to crack the code.  


In April, I prayed to God one night.  I first THANKED him for believing that I was STRONG ENOUGH to persevere these tests and for believing that I may have been determined enough to keep going.  But I also shared with Him that I was TIRED of trying.  I desperately needed answers. I needed some success to keep me motivated.

It was literally the next MORNING, I read a post on Facebook, nearly identical to what I wrote above.  Her words and experience felt like MINE!  And there were a TON of other people, all ages, all genders, some coaches, some not, some with implants, some not, some parents, some not--->  ALL with the exact same issues as me.  


I was introduced to a book called The Obesity Code.  That books content, CRACKED MY CODE!  It focused on HORMONES.  Clearly, mine were pretty JACKED UP.  With that book, the help of an online private Facebook group and TONS of resources I read and found, I am finally getting RESULTS.  

After 35 days although I lost only 7 pounds, I had lost nearly ALL the bloat!  No gimmicks.  No tricks.  I just changed my nutrition timing and found something that my body finally responded to because it focused on my HORMONES.  Oh and I finally had HOPE again for the first time in YEARS!  I felt an enormous FREEDOM from food, as well.  I no longer had uncontrollable 

You see, in 2014-2015 I had dealt with an enormous amount of chronic stress that I later learned wrecked my cortisol levels and later caused me to become Insulin and Weight Loss resistant.   If it were JUST about eliminating sugar, the Paleo and Atkins would have worked for me.  It took MORE than that for me.  It took the support, the research, the finding what worked, the timing and the ratios.

I want to be that person to lead, YOU to success.  I can not PROMISE this will also work for you.   But, if you are where I was and feel HELPLESS after trying so many things, I can offer you a condensed version of everything I've learned.

I will shorten the learning curve for you.  I have an online group where I share many of my tools. There are some tools you will have to invest in but compared to the costs of medical tests, copays and doctor visits as well as wasting your valuable  time,  the cost is minimal.  The social support, having resources at your fingertips and the right kind of nutrients to heal your gut, eliminate toxins, and saturate your body with nutrients will help your body heal and is KEY.  

If this sounds like you, I'd love to chat together :-) 

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