A girl messaged me about joining my coaching team today and said something that left me nearly in tears...šŸ˜¢

She said, "I would love to coach, but I don't think I'd be successful because I'm at all not smart, like you." šŸ˜ž


Her comment surprised me because what she perceives on the "surface" is NOTHING like reality.

The reality was that "Smart" was NEVER a word that people would have used to describe "Seay" as a kid. Smart was OTHER people, not me. I was NEVER a good student. In fact- I was a solid "C" student, pretty much my entire life. I was usually on some sort of academic probation. šŸ˜ž. I tried to get good grades, but always seemed to fall short. I took the SAT and got such a low score I couldn't bare to take it again. šŸ˜ž

In my circles it was always my friends that were taking HONORS classes and excelled in tests. THEY were sought out by students for help. I was the one that STRUGGLED to pass even regular classes and that always NEEDED help. Admittedly- I resigned to seeing myself as the "dumb jock" and focused on my soccer skills to validate my worth.

Growing up I often felt completely uneducated on debatable topics. I'd admire how others would discuss quality topics with so much insight, but was left feeling quite ignorant because I didn't know what the heck they were talking about.

Hearing this girl today say she "couldn't be successful because she wasn't smart like me" kinda gutted me, because I had felt just like that for so much of MY LIFE. I believed I'd never get a decent paying job with my grades. Even if I did know something, I stuttered, so who would even take me seriously?

What changed for me was that I had a few very special friends in my life that BELIEVED in me and through their belief, I found that although I am a very slow reader and that it takes me a while to process information, I love learning and I can TEACH what I learn to others really well through analogies and perspectives.

So THAT's what I did. šŸ’
I researched topics and applied experiences that called to my heart. 
ā¤ļø Then---> I taught my team & clients how to APPLY it so it HELPS THEM.

Look- Know that we ALL start at zero knowledge and zero experience on EVERY TOPIC but you can't let that feeling of feeling like you're at zero keep you stuck at zero! 
 I know the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people that BELIEVE IN and INSPIRE you to learn and BECOME MORE. ā­ļø

You don't need to be like or think like ME--> or anyone else for that matter. I will teach you what I have learned, and trust me when I say---> you will absolutely teach ME stuff, too šŸ˜. We work as a TEAM and all have individual strengths. It's a fact that we will always be either a student or a teacher throughout our entire life.

ā­ļø Unapologetically study what makes your heart flutter, SHARE it with others and in the process you will start developing your strengths and reaching your God-given potential šŸ’«šŸ’«šŸ’«