Do you sometimes have people in your life that drain you and you aren't sure WHY you attracted them?  We are told to assume that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, but what I found was that when it comes to attracting toxic people, quite the opposite is true.  Many web searches will teach you traits of toxic people and how to avoid them.  For me, that was pretty obvious, what I wanted was to PREVENT them from coming into my life and to recognize WHY.  In this video, I share 7 personal qualities you may posses that attracts toxic people to you like an insect to light.

If you attract toxic people, it's actually a GOOD thing, in that you are a really decent person that feels depth in people and quality in relationships.  I hope these 7 traits enlighten you to so that you cannot change, but be more aware when you have attracted a toxic person.


7 Reasons Why You May Be Attracting Toxic People