One of the biggest MYTHS I see people believe is that if their circumstances are DIFFERENT, then they will finally achieve the outcome they desire.

They blame OTHERS for their failures, mistakes and circumstances. They can't own their mistakes. It's always someone or something else.

I see it more often in business, but also in relationships.

When you give away your power by blaming others, you also give away the very opportunity to GROW in your own life. It may feel easier to do short term, but is more damaging to your growth in the long run.


You stay a victim and you will stay POWERLESS.

Feeling powerless will keep you STUCK and ANGRY.

And you take that internal angry victim mentality right along with you to the next business or relationship. The people and platform may change, but YOU haven't.
You and your SAME issues will eventually, resurface when the honeymoon is over.

Surrounding yourself with others also stuck in that same powerless anger doesn't validate yours nor does it justify you.

YOU validate, you.

Guess what- there will always be stiff that happens in life. We are always being given opportunities to mature. We ALL have insecure thoughts that get in our head, and we all have triggers that can make us defensive.

It's how well you can take ownership in them and GROW from them that will ultimately determine your happiness, mental freedom and long term quality of life.

The grass is not only greener where you water it, but it also flourishes with the quality of fertilizer you FEED it.