I once read the “The Secret” and thought it was some “Disney La-La Hocus Pocus” way to “wish” for what you wanted.

It seemed far fetched that if I could change my thoughts, that my life would follow. (Actually changing my thoughts was much harder than I thought). I used to get sad and angry over things that I (thought) were out of my control. Why did I have to be a single mom for YEARS while everyone else found relationships so quickly? Why did my marriage fail? Why was it so EASY for others to be HAPPY, while everything I did was a struggle, just to make ends meet? Why was my life so tough back then? It wasn’t because of my circumstances, because I was actually very blessed. My life was HARD because I saw it that way. I had no PERSONAL POWER. I gave it away to everyone and everything around me. Over the past few years my life quality has changed. But that change didn’t START until I started changing my thoughts.

I’ve spent a lot of time this past month with ALL SORTS of diverse people ranging from the privileged to the disadvantaged (<–neither implying solely financial). There is one constant that I now believe, 100% holds true. NATURE doesn’t discriminate. It does NOT matter if you are young or old, male or female, black or white. It literally doesn’t matter if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or if you came from a deprived background. You truly do get out of life what you put in, no more-no less. The difference isn’t in the life variables HANDED to you, or the cards you were dealt. The difference between getting the life you want is about how much YOU are going to put into it.

You want HAPPY, choose to be HAPPY. You want WEALTH, do the necessary behaviors to create it. You want PEACE, you must manifest it. You want FULFILLING friendships, then surround yourself with people that INSPIRE and BELIEVE in you. You want RESPECT, then live with dignity. I believe that all of us can create the life we want. Nature does not discriminate, we do.