Is 1st Phorm a Healthy Choice? A company called 1st Phorm has been advertising heavily lately, so I took a look at what they are offering. I'm always curious about weight loss and fitness programs and how they stack up against those offered by Beachbody. I'm all about health and fitness so if there's something else good out there, I want to know about it.

1st Phorm is essentially a supplements company. They also have a members-only app and web site with exercise programs, diet tips, and recipes. A cool thing they are doing to encourage results is they are running contests with nice cash rewards. If you can show big results with 1st Phorm products you could win big money. I like that because it offers additional incentives for staying with your program and makes it fun.

The selection of supplements is confusing. They all have proprietary names and formulations. And they are all REALLY expensive for supplements. The justification for this is, of course, the quality and effectiveness of their supplements compared to other brands. Whether or not your body can actually utilize and benefit from supplements is always in question. The folks who sell the expensive ones will always tell you that the cheap ones don't work, but theirs do. 1st Phorm offers quite a few different formulations for different specific purposes. They even have one for hangovers. If it works they can stop right there and make a fortune every New Years Day. :)

There always seems to be fine lines in the supplements world between things that are actually beneficial for your health, good old fashioned snake oil style rip-offs, and things that are just plain bad for you. Supplements are largely unregulated in both ingredients and claims. All of the supplements from 1st Phorm have the following disclaimer: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Most of the supplements offered by 1st Phorm seem to be in the the dubious category of whether or not they are beneficial. Some, like creatine, should not be consumed for any reason. Creatine does not promote good health and may have some very harmful side effects. There are much better ways to build muscle that won't adversely effect your health.

After considering what they have to offer, I will pass on 1st Phorm and I won't recommend their products. My focus is on good health through proper nutrition and sensible exercise. In some cases it can be beneficial to use supplements and specialized formulas. If your doctor recommends a supplement for a specific health issue, then by all means follow her recommendation. High performance athletes often need boosts for their workouts. For those I am much more comfortable recommending the ones offered by Beachbody. The rest of the time for the rest of us I recommend the whole, natural nutrition of Shakeology® along with a diet of clean foods and a fun exercise program. Be smart and focus on good health, which doesn't come in pill form.


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