Having Fake Breasts: Can we please toss the "insecure" STIGMA?: Episode 4

Having Fake Breasts:  Can we please toss out the "insecure" STIGMA?: Episode 4

Breast Implant Stigma

The STIGMA regarding fake breasts.....Gosh ya’ll I’ve never seen such passionate and opinion filled judgements regarding women and their BREAST SIZE.  And more so, their decision to get their breasts augmented and then removed, in the first place. 

Who KNEW it would be such a (1st world) opinionated TOPIC?? 😳

I’m going to raise my hand HIGH, here and say proudly that YES, I DO LOVE MY IMPLANTS.  ❤️

I am not a fan of how the implants have probably made me (and many other women) sick.

Sick enough, that as much as I admittedly love my boobies they ---> have gotta go. 🖕🏼 And to the point that I don’t even care if I’m super small chested afterwards. 

So often lately I've heard, “Love yourself enough..” or “Accept how God made you.”...or “She must have been so insecure about herself to get implants.”....and honestly, that judgement has GOT TO STOP.

Yes- as a psych major I 100% realize, body dysmorphic disorder is a real thing.  And so is low self esteem surrounding body image. But can we please agree that there are so many individual and positive OTHER reasons that women choose to alter their image.  

I'm not going to compare it to changing your hair color, spending a small monthly mortgage spent at Sephora, a LV handbag or even a swanky car, because yes- this IS a physically altering, surgery.   But DAMN people, don't judge us ladies that physically altered or improved what the gym or make up contouring, couldn't.

For me, I’ve been super athletic my entire life.  Played soccer in college, had a rock hard body, made friends easily and socializing and being a leader came easy to me.  Those that knew that pre-implanted boob "Seay"  was confident in both candor and dress.

But guess what..  I LIKED the look of big breasts.  I was a Florida girl living in the 90’s. In that decade there was a BOOM of women having and getting implants.  Celebrity women, at my age back then like, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy and Anna Nicole Smith were leading the tabloids and had not only HUGE HOTNESS and sex appeal, but they also had one thing I didn’t….a VAVOOM BUST LINE.  To top the sensationalism off, in 1995 I worked at Hooters and it seemed, like “EVERYONE” was getting breast enhancements. At 22 years old, it just wasn’t a big deal to me.

I wasn’t “insecure” about my body.  I wanted (and still love) a curvy female body.  

So here I am, 23 years later.  I’ve had D cup breasts longer than I’ve NOT had breasts and after breastfeeding 3 children and gaining and losing weight I really have NO IDEA what my real breasts even look like.  🤣And yes, I’m prepared to grieve while accepting that I may not love my flat chest for a while after surgery.

My original pre-op breasts. 



And after my third set at 41 years old.


And men….Oh- My- Gosh.  Ya'll can be the meanest.  

There are women in this group who’s husbands have DIVORCED them, shut them out and have not supported their journey to health AT ALL once their wives decided to explant.    Now THAT, is total bullshit. Probably not a man worthy giving their life to in the first place if you ask me.

I want to get this off my chest (pardon the pun) and let it be known that I feel choosing to have any physical alteration if it makes you HAPPY, is ok if for the RIGHT reason.  It bothers me when people are so quick to judge women and assume they are pathetic and must be insecure.


If someone has made you to feel that way, you don’t need their validation, much less their opinion.    And if you are like me, and feel a little foolish that it took you this long to realize it was your beloved implants that have been your nemesis all along making you sick, know that like me, you were duped into thinking breast implants were safe like all of us were duped by plastic surgeons and junk science by manufacturers telling us they are safe.  It’s ok to feel bummed and disappointed.


Am I going to miss the look of my implants (and the look on my husbands face when he sees them)?  Ummmm YES. I may even STARE at yours in total envy that yours haven’t made you sick.  (or they haven’t just yet)

But for me, I’M DONE.  I need my health and vitality back more than I need these big heavy toxic bags.  And Neil understands, supports and respects that. Heck- he’d be thrilled if I could return to my pre-sick weight and start playing soccer again.


And what’s more, with such a huge #BreastImplantIllness awareness movement, among women like me, as well as celebrities and models, we are leading the trend (compared to the 90’s) that small breasts are not only healthy...but are totally sexy.

To Health and Happiness,

Seay XO


 The 90's IMAGE was total breast, VOLUME. 

The 90's IMAGE was total breast, VOLUME. 



The SNEAKY SYMPTOMS of Breast Implant Illness: Episode 3

The SNEAKY SYMPTOMS of Breast Implant Illness: Episode 3

“How can you be certain that it’s your implants that are keeping you sick?”

Well...truthfully, I can’t.  I can only SUSPECT.

“How do know you’ll get better once they are out?”

Well...truthfully, I don’t.  I can only HOPE.

Breast Implant Symptoms

What I CAN say is that I have come to realize that I’ve had many of the symptoms at one point or another, for YEARS.   I've had three sets of implants over the past 23 years.   The problem is that the symptoms are fleeting in both duration and intensity. It’s like trying to capture a moving target that is neither consistent nor predictable.  But you KNOW it's there and know that you don't feel right from the inside, out.

The symptoms are sneaky and fleeting and are often chalked up to hormones, stress, age, anxiety, something we ate, the weather and even maybe our mother in law coming to dinner.  LMAO

When I first saw the extensive list of symptoms a year ago (I call it my denial phase) I literally rolled my eyes and thought “Good Lord- well this list is so extensive that Breast Implant Illness could be in ANY and EVERY body!  Shit- I bet even my husband has this illness! 😂   This list is ridiculous and it’s just another site trying to make people think they have an issue when they don’t. BII is NOT REAL because implants are safe and I know tons of friends with them, that are FINE!”

The irony was that even with that list right in front of me, and suffering from 80% of the symptoms on that list with still no answer or diagnosis, I DENIED that BII could be a real issue, and most of all-->  MY issue.  Again, the symptoms are sneaky, fleeting and inconconsistent.        Click for full List of SYMPTOMS

What I DID notice was that when I was MOST SICK, were also times when I was MOST STRESSED. For me 2015 was the year of a huge amount of work and personal stress for me and that stress, opened an internal and seemingly irreversible, floodgate.    

It’s like all the little random symptoms were now on hyperdrive ALL AT ONCE. And if I didn’t eat clean, forgot to drink my plant-based vitamin shake, or had a cocktail, I felt worse for a REALLY LONG TIME.  My body really struggled to bounce back.  And keeping my vitality for any period of time was a constant struggle. Being certified in holistic nutrition, I knew vitality shouldnt be this difficult when you are fueling your body well.  Gosh- how much WORSE would I actually be if I didn’t at least eat clean, healthy well-balanced meals and drank a ton of water??? 😳

The two most concerning symptoms for me was the 40 pound weight gain the past 3 years.  Despite rigorous exercise (actually intense fitness makes my symptoms and inflammation, WORSE) and a growing amount of foods that my body just can't tolerate.  

My FOOD SENSITIVITIES WERE OUT OF CONTROL!   Knowing that is a sign of leaky gut, I went on a very strict auto-immune type gut-healing meal plan. It worked, but only for the short term.  Here is who I used for my MRT Food Sensitivity Testing.

For the past two years, when I eat, my stomach swells to the size of looking 9 months pregnant shortly after EVERY meal.  I have people ask me “how many more weeks until your due date” in public to the point where I don’t want to leave my house.  I didn’t want to socialize or be in pictures. My best friend even said, “if I didn’t see your abdomen swell before my eyes, I wouldn’t believe it!”

 Thirty minutes after eating a dinner of veggies and grilled chicken.  May 2018

Thirty minutes after eating a dinner of veggies and grilled chicken.  May 2018

 12 Hours Later.  The extreme bloat goes down, until my next meal, again.

12 Hours Later.  The extreme bloat goes down, until my next meal, again.

In addition to weight gain and extreme food sensitivities I also experience intermittent:

- Chronic fatigue

- Heart Palpitations (like having  an anxiety attack)

- Vitamin B12, D and Magnesium deficiencies

- Painful Hormonal cysts in armpit lymph nodes

- Mental fog, difficulty concentrating and loss for words. (sometimes I thought I had early onset dementia)

- Joint pain and muscle fatigue (sometimes I was exhausted and in pain walking to the mailbox)

- Blurred vision despite vision and wearing glasses (like being drunk, but not)

- A lot of floaters, like looking through dirty glasses.  These have doubled the past few months.

- Hair loss

- Dry, red eyes

- Numbness in extremities (this I’ve noticed since my 20’s and thought maybe I had MS it would be so bad sometimes, and recently it’s gotten worse)

- Ear pressure and popping

- Parasites (yeah..gross, I know)

Over the years I’d go down deep rabbit holes of research for each and every symptom.  I have spent over $20,000 on medical tests, blood tests, neurological tests, GI tests, Cat Scans all to come back….NORMAL.  And that "your fine".

In March, I joined a facebook group with over 40k women that were living my exact story, It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I needed to know scientifically WHY BII is a real thing and HOW.   My symptoms are a response to the chronic INFLAMMATION and living with a high level IMMUNE RESPONSE from my IMPLANTS.


One theme within the group, is that 95% of physicians in the US won't acknowledge when asked about BII or if it could be the root of our problems.

Because I have chased every symptom and ruled so many options out over the past 3 years, I believe that Breast Implant Illness is the common denominator.  THEY were the first domino that cascaded a 23 year long series of random and deteriorating health issues for me.  And, what's more interesting,  90% of women in this BII group (many even worse off than I am) get better and are symptom free, within a YEAR of explanting.  

Yes- it's true that you may have hormone issues.  

Yes- cancer may run in your family.  

Yes- you may have had Lyme, EBV, Hashimotos, Digestive Issues BEFORE your implants, but the point I want to stress is that implants can significantly EXACERBATE those already existing issues and genetic traits.  

They certainly don’t HELP your body fight any fight you are predispositioned to.  They throw toxic gasoline on them.

I explained in my my first post WHY breast implants wreak havoc on our body and in my second post I shared pictures of HOW they do it.  In case you missed those previous posts, you can click on the links here.

The symptoms are sneaky and I would have NEVER guessed my implants were to blame for my health issues. But I am, nor are you, alone.  We are spreading awareness, one person at a time.  In fact if you google, you’ll see a bunch of Playboy Models are having theirs removed too. They obviously make an income off their looks so if it’s seriously enough to them to look into this, anyone with implants should. Some of them are in our Facebook support group and trying to raise awareness. 🙌🏼

This was me 40 pounds lighter, shortly after getting my (third set of) implants and a year before all my symptoms started becoming more severe....

Breast Implant saftey


Hoping to have my health, vitality, smaller chest, smaller belly and smaller body back after explanting these toxic bags on May 22.





What to know when choosing a Breast Implant...Explant Surgeon: Episode 2

How I almost hired Dr Dick and what you need to know about choosing your Explant Surgeon...

 You're OUTTA Here!

You're OUTTA Here!


It’s been a week since I last shared about my upcoming EXPLANT and I have a significant lesson to share with you… (and in case you missed it)

 Although the BII Healing Website suggests not to go with your original surgeon, I once had a great experience with mine  so wanted to give him an opportunity to explant.

 THANK GOODNESS the website also warned me that MOST plastic surgeons will likely give you a really crappy reaction if you bring up Breast Implant Illness, performing en blocs, and that you should be totally prepared to walk away during the consult if your surgeon gives you ANY push back.

But I thought, “Eh...not MY surgeon, he’s such a nice guy!  And he’s done my last TWO implant surgeries!”

My once lovely and kind PS was a total CONDESCENDING PRICK like I’ve never seen before. 😭.

I’m a very educated and professional woman, a strong advocate for holistic health and he made me feel like a dumb bimbo hypochondriac and literally said, “sounds like you’ve been on those crazy websites that scare people into thinking their implants are the cause of their illness.” He went on questioning me with a condescending tone re the “real source” of my many symptoms.

 “I feel like you are making me feel crazy, for wanting my implants out.” I said.

“Crazy?  I didn’t SAY you were crazy.  But do you feel you are?”


Wait...WHAT….THE…. F*CK???????


It was at this point last Monday I began SHAKING.  This was EXACTLY what the site fore-warned me about.  I just couldn't believe MY doctor would turn from Mr Sweet to Dr DICK.

I pulled myself together enough, knowing I HAD TO WALK AWAY from both him and my surgery date.  “You may be PHYSICALLY capable of doing my surgery but we are not MENTALLY aligned - so to not waste any more of our time, I’m going elsewhere”.

It felt DAUNTING to know that I had to go back to square one, find a new surgeon, book a new consultation and a schedule new surgery date.

FIRST THING you NEED to know:  

It is IMPERATIVE that the doctor COMMITS to getting the entire capsule out.  If any is left inside, YOU WILL NOT GET BETTER. Know that when they tell you, “My patients that have had their implants removed have not gotten any better.” that it is because they didn’t take the entire capsule out with the implant.  So no shit sherlock, they didnt get better. A PS should have NO ISSUES with you wanting both your actual implants and all of your capsule returned to you so that you can send it to pathology for testing.


The majority of plastic surgeons will not acknowledge BII exists.  

Why do you think?  

Yes...Liability.  And then Money.

Although know that there are thousands of doctors, pathologists and plastic surgeons that DO. There are thousands of reported cases despite there still being no actual BII screening.

There is an approved list of physicians that are committed to getting the entire capsule out of you.  

Oh and as for the wouldn’t be the first time they’ve approved something safe that isn’t.  Especially when tied to a pharmaceutical drug or medical “device” company.


I’m happy to share that I followed the approved list and found one of THEEE BEST plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay.  He is not only one of the most TALENTED and accredited surgeons but he has committed to get as much of my capsule out, even though much of it may be attached to my rib cage.  Ugh to think I may have 23 year old capsules left in me my from my other TWO sets of implants. GROSS.   He will also give me my implants back to me and send the all the capsule to pathology.  

Everything happens for a reason.  I couldnt be sure that Dr DICK was committed to get my entire capsule out, leaving me open to having to pay for another surgery by someone who was.  


My NEW surgery date is May 22.  I’ll be in surgery about 5 hours and it’s not cheap at $12,000, and of course NOT covered on insurance (grrr...that’s another post for another day)  But…. as my mom put in perspective to me: I will not have to waste another dime on breast implants surgeries for the rest of my life, I hopefully will not blow more money on diagnostic testing and IF i do in fact feel better, I will have my HEALTH and  LIFE back!      #WorthIt

I have included pictures of what implants LOOK LIKE when they are removed with the capsule, a news video from a Canadian Chemist investigation down below....

Until Episode 3...HUGS and HEALTH,




This is the first time it's been explained (and shown) HOW and WHY the implant causes so many health issues from a Canadian Chemist on the Canadian FDA board:


Explanted breast Implants covered in the capsule the body naturally builds around it to protect and defend us against the "foreign invader".  It can be peeled off the implant, like a sausage casing, once explanted.


Breast Implants removed
Breast implants removed

WHY if your implant is under the muscle (like mine), it becomes problematic in getting all the capsule out.



FREEDOM from EMOTIONAL EATING with the 2B Mindset!


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She struggled with her weight and emotional eating all her life until she changed her mindset. She figured out how to eat a lot of food AND lose a lot of weight at the same time. 100 lbs to be exact. The 2B Mindset features her principles and proven strategies to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. We’re so happy to have Ilana as a part of the Beachbody family and we know you’re going to love her and her program too!

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2B Mindset results

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Toxic Co-Workers Gotta Go

Toxic work coworkers


I’ve spent the past 3 days here in San Diego with a business mentor. We agreed that of the biggest distractions we make when trying to have more success in business is to hang around with the wrong kind of people. Especially in the work space, co-workers can be self-absorbed, catty, have ulterior motives, be manipulative and in general, a big fat distraction to you when on your path to achieving your goals. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Then while on my flight home I’m sitting next to this lovely woman who’s interviewing tomorrow for a job. She shared she’s looking to change her career, mainly because of, “her crappy work environment”. 
I’m like, funny you should say that... I was JUST HAVING that very conversation about the kind of people we sometimes have to deal with at work. 
It got me to thinking, in our social world, we can choose our circles, but when the people in your work life are crappy, it takes a bit more strategy to stay focused and on course for your goals. 
By not giving your energy to those assholes in your work place and staying focused, you’ll free up some space and energy in your day to for the right people. Even if you are a self employed entrepreneur, you’ll want to select to work only with the people that lift you higher, want you to succeed and that proudly have your back ⭐️⭐️⭐️



When Corporate America ZAPS your Monday

How to get out of corporate

🙋🏼‍♀️ Lemme ask ya this…tomorrow is MONDAY, and your VERY FIRST THOUGHT waking up and realizing your day ahead will be……what??? 

If it’s not good, and because of your your career, then “Houston, We Got a Problem!” 🚀

How many of you are in a corporate career and are bored, unfullfilled and most of all trapped??

I wonder that because that was me for 15 long years. I achieved all the company accolades but those awards didnt equate to freedom, loving my mornings or feeling like I was valued.

If this has ever been you, or is you right now, then stick with me for a moment.

For the past seven years I have been sharing ways to have more energy, passion and fullfillment in your lives through nutrition and fitness. But recently I realized that a lot of the loss of health starts with feeling worked TO DEATH and BORED AF in our career and in our life. 

I’m referring to that career where you spend more time with your co-workers, traveling and in meetings than you do with your own family. I remember how stressed I was, and my own health and fitness was just another thing I had to try and make time for.

In realizing this, I thought about how much more powerful my own message could be if I specifically spoke to ya’ll unfullfilled and trapped corporate folks. What if I could help that LONGING for a solution within you by showing you that passion and income CAN co-exist on your terms??? What if I could show teach that its POSSIBLE to live differently, or at the very least, how to start building your escape plan. 

Ha- and I know some of ya’ll would be afraid to EVEN COMMENT on a thread like this out of FEAR that you’ll be on the firing radar if it was seen by someone in your organization. Fear of expression is REAL when you are caged.😡

You don’t have to feel caged in corporate. There is a better way to live my friends. 🦋🦋🦋



Overcome Emotional Eating with this Un-Diet!

Overcome Emotional Eating with 2B Mindset


Have ya’ll ever thought, “If it wasn’t for having to LEAVE MY HOUSE or SOCIALIZING, losing weight would be a BREEZE!” 📉📉📉
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On Wednesday, we are launching a totally NUTRITION BASED weight loss program that makes losing weight with a social life, actually DO-ABLE! 
I was able to be in a sneak peek group with the registered dietician that created this program and I FELL IN LOVE with the simplicity of this! It’s the easy nutritional SO MANY PEOPLE NEED!! 
Other things I love about this program is that:
🤸🏼‍♂️EXERCISE IS OPTIONAL. So in the weeks I’m recovering from my breast explant surgery I can stay on course while my body heals.
👩‍👧‍👧 It’s healthy and mentally appropriate for my teenage DAUGHTERS.
✈️ I can follow it while we CONTINUE TO TRAVEL this summer.

🧠 It deals with emotional eating.
⌛️ It even worked in pre/post menopausal women. 

I have a team of women starting this program with me when it LAUNCHES this Wednesday!! 
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